I've made it out. I feel weightless. I know that place had always held me down, but for the first time, I can feel the unity that I had hoped in. It's been three nights now, and my breathing has changed – it's slower, and more full. It's like the air out here is actually worth taking in. I can see it back in the distance, and I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't constantly on my mind. I wish I could turn that fear off, but maybe the further I go, the less that fear will affect me. «I'm beginning to recognise that real happiness isn't something large and looming on the horizon ahead but something small, numerous and already here. The smile of someone you love. A decent breakfast. The warm sunset. Your little everyday joys all lined up in a row.» ― Beau Taplin пост недели вернувшейся из дальних краёв вани: Прижимаясь к теплым перьям, прячущим сверкающий в закате пейзаж вырастающего из горизонта города, Иворвен прикрывает глаза и упрямо вспоминает. Со временем она стала делать это всё реже, находя в их общих воспоминаниях ничего, кроме источника искрящейся злости и ноющей боли в солнечном сплетении, однако сегодня эльфийка мучает себя намеренно. Ей хочется видеть туманные картинки из забытых коридоров памяти так, словно впервые. Ей хочется пережить их ярко, в полную силу, как доступно только существам её жизненного срока. Она хочет знать, что её возвращение — не зря.

luminous beings are we, not this crude matter­­­

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Humans are the only animal that blushes, laughs, has religion, wages war, and kisses with lips. So in a way, the more you kiss with lips, the more human you are. And the more you wage war.
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2024-06-26 19:30:02 - Jade Everett

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It was one of the best days of my life, a day during which I lived my life and didn't think about my life at all.
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I thought, it's a shame that we have to live, but it's a tragedy that we get to live only one life, because if I'd had two lives, I would have spent one of them with her.
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If a coin comes down heads, that means that the possibility of its coming down tails has collapsed. Until that moment the two possibilities were equal. But on another world, it does come down tails. And when that happens, the two worlds split apart.
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I missed you even when I was with you. That's been my problem. I miss what I already have, and I surround myself with things that are missing.
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2022-06-11 01:09:00 - Noah E. Müller

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She extended a hand that I didn't know how to take, so I broke its fingers with my silence.
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I was trying to make a world in which he could live a happier life.
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Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.
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